Sunday, March 28, 2010

Drink and Draw 20

yeah! drink and draw!!!

we have been doing good. lets keep it up!
this is the 20th drink and draw we have held since last year. we are still going strong. army strong! tom strong!!!

this is april a fresh month lets get this month started right!!

i wanna thanks jose esquivel for drawing our drink and draw poster for this event!! (applause)

check his stuff out here and there.

very nice stuff! indeed!

double down, cactus, southwest, nothing to lose, journey, embark, coast, beach, freedom

i wont be here for this one, like the poster says i will be going out of town. vacation time!!! but i asked those that was at the last meeting and they said they can handle drink and draw without me for one night so enjoy the night and do me proud! also dont burn down the building while i am out and make sure to turn off the stove when ya leave.

again thanks for making this possible. if ya want to you can have another drawing to see who will draw the next poster. excluding esquivel cause he just did it. again its only volunteer, you dont have to do it. but it is fun!!
who ever wants to take helm can do this. and just tell me who is the lucky one. you have one week to complete teh poster.)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Drink and draw dfw Meeiting, Blue Ruin

drink and draw DFW meeting this sunday!!!

for those interested we will be picking straws to see who will draw the next poster flier thing for drink and draw. its a new thing i thought up of. every week we will have someone different drawing our little cowgirl for the drink and draw announcements!! it will be a good way for everyone to see a your artwork. to see how well you can flex them artistic skills.

we did have a great crowd for the last session. saw some new faces. hopefully will get some new faces this go around for our ever growing drink and draw group!!

see ya sunday at big racks barbecue!