Monday, September 27, 2010

Drink and Draw 32: Deadline

yo yo yo yoyooooooo!!!! sorry for the delayed invite. but i am only human. and lazy... so check it. we;s gonna try to do a themed drawing this time around for those who want to participate. we will get everyone to think of a noun and an action. then radomly select them. and we will draw that action. naw mean! hopefully it will be fun. lets push ourselves to do some finished sketches so we can an oppurtunity to be in the drink and draw sketchbook. and if we dont get selected. maybe we can get together to do one for the DFW area.

as always thanks for supporting the group. help spread the word about drink and draw invite your friends cousins and sisters. ya have a good week and see ya sunday.

wanna give my gratitude to jamel jones for taking the time to create this sessions flyer sketch. vury nice! thanks!!

check out his work. here.

flying saucer
14999 Montfort Dr
Dallas, TX

Sunday, September 19, 2010

drink and draw success!

sweet we had another great session of drink and draw. we got a volunteer to draw the next flyer. and for the next session we will do a theme. to try to get people involved in the same subject matter and share our drawings. for a goal to keep in mind is lets try to do some finished sketches so we can get some work into a sketchbook. for drink and draw here in dallas and also the main book. i am hopeing by doing a subject drawing we will share each others artwork and try to explain our creative process. also to help to get everyone to know each other and communicate with one another. not that we are not doing all ready but on a creative level. or maybe i am just talking out of my ass here. either way it should be fun!

thanks for all the support and lets keep this going!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Drink and Draw 31: Autumn

all right! i am ready for some drink and draw. this next sunday lets get ready. i will reinstate the drink and draw flyer raffle. for those who want to volunteer their talents to draw a flyer for drink and draw.

as far as news i got nothing. if anyone has news to announce. post them on the wall on the drink and draw page. i still havent really seen anyone sharing artwork on our page. would really love if we shared work on the page, even if it isnt drawn at the drink and draw sessions.

uuuuuuuuuuuuhm. i think that is all i have for now.
thanks for everyones support and have a great week!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Drink and Draw DFW 30: Pop Quiz

ok. so here we go again. i know its labor day weekend. but i decided we should still hold a meeting. i know everyone doesnt go out of town. so we will do this for those that stay in town. personally i will be out. but i am pretty sure you guys can handle it.

i also want to reinstate the volunteer lottery of drawing the drink and draw flyers.

so i think if jose (the other jose) will be in he can get this taken care of. if not someone just volunteer and let me know who was the lucky one.

welp, lets make this a good one!!