Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Drink and Draw DFW: Summertime!

hey guys, its summer break time or just summer for the rest of us. lets beat the heat with some refreshing beverages of choice and some drawing! we will come together and share our stories from all the different conventions that have been happening. and discuss why the avengers was such a huge failure. :D

hope to see ya there! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

yo! we has a drink and draw coming up this sunday. hope everyone is has a good week and we'll see ya there.

dallas comic con is coming up hope you guys support the con. i will be sharing a booth with fellow drink and drawer neo hec! welp thats all i has to say.

for those who showed up to the screening of avengers thanks! it was real fun.

jose (che-che) ramirez

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Drink and Draw DFW Special: Avenging the Night

hey guys we will be watching the avengers this friday may 4th. we are going to the 10:15pm showing at the IMAX off of web chapel and 635 in dallas. we will be showing up around 9pm so we can get some good seats. 

before hand around 7pm we will have dinner for those who want to join us. we have decided which restaurant but will soon be decided. 


jose (che-che) ramirez

sorry i have been really bad at keeping up the blog page. i will try to do my best to update it as much as possible. i am more active on facebook. since i am on it all the time.