Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Drink and Draw 22: Mother May I


its time for another drink and draw!
we had some fun the last time. lets see we can do it again!

for this next session we are bringing back the draw for guest artist for poster flyer thing.

this weeks guest artist hasnt actually shown up to any of the drink and draws in person. be has been there in spirit. all the way from japan!! Aderson Gaston famously known as one of the gaston bros. artists. we went to school together at the Art instute here in dallas.

they are serving as navy corpsman serving the marines as we speak and are stationed there in japan. when they are not defending our freedom. they do freelance work on the off time. they are very talented and are good people to know.
if they have a website to link up here. i will post that as soon as possible. i forgot to ask them to see if they had one. so a big thanks for anderson for providing this wicked illustration for the flyer.

EDIT: here is a link to check out more art work from them.


k. time for some inspriation.

wind, sun, commitment, forever, union, kick ass, hardcore, tiger, bear, saint, scottish, dirt

Monday, April 12, 2010

Drink and Draw 21: Sin Frontera

yo yo yo yo yo yo~~~~~~~!,... so lets get this started. we had a little bumpy ride last time, on account of the easter. but i think we are all back on track now. i wanna thanks for those who did show up to easters drink and draw! glad you can make it, and show that dedication to make this thing happen!! (applause!) big ups to you.

soooooo. here we go its another round of drink and draw. we will get back to doing the drawing to see who draws the next poster for up and coming events. and we will go from there. oh i think its gonna be a year for the start up of drink and draw DFW coming here quick. so i wanna give everyone a heads up on that, and thank everyone who have made this possible. i will see if i can do something special for that occassion.

without further ado, our words of inspiration.

elevated, light headed, sand, constant turbulance, wind, dry, drunk, ocean, beautiful, serene, black, vast, abyss, gargantuan, miracle, supernatural

o.k. there you have it, we will meet up this coming sunday. hope to see you guys there!!!!!!!!!!

jose (che-che) ramirez