Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drink and Draw DFW 45: Liquid Sunshine

all right guys. so we will skip drink and draw on easter weekend and continue it the following week! so the next meeting is on MAY 1st.

sorry for the delayed message here. but i have been busy with some freelance and had no time to update the status on the next meeting.

ok. lets prepare for the summer heat by kicking it with the drink and draw crew!

this weeks. poster was drawn by fer galicia he is pretty slick with them pencils and markers. check out more of his stuff right heer at http://ferah11.deviantart.com/
boy spits them sketchcards out like no other! so thanks for your time, skill, and effort that you put into this weeks poster fer! its much appreciated.

Sunday, May 1 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm

the flying saucer
14999 Montfort Dr
Dallas, Texas

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Drink and Draw 44:Thunder

hey. i like pie! and i also like drink and draw. so this sunday we will be having another drink and draw session! YIPPEEEEEEEEEE!

anywho. i am gonna see if i can capture some video and maybe some short one liner interviews with you guys from the event. i will see if i can get it together and edit a short video for drink and draw. make it a short mtv video thing. its gonna be awesome! STAR WIPE!

anyways. i hope to see you guys there. and lets do this!!!!

this weeks poster was drawn by the lovely la quenta jones. she didnt have time to clean it up. so i went ahead and inked her sketch in photoshop. and splashed a bit of color on it. it came out fairly nice. you can check out her wonderful works at gamerplus.deviantart.com

i wanna graciously give her thanks for taking the time to sketch up that sexy mama for us. and please support her by hitting up that deviantart page.

till next time this is jose ramirez signing out!

p.s. i got started on layout design for the drink and draw dfw showcase book. so get your favorite sketches gathered and some of your favorite art peices that you have done cause we will be moving on to this pretty soon. i would like original work. no fan art. so we dont have to deal with copyright issues or anything like that.

Sunday, April 10 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm

The Flying Saucer
14999 Montfort Dr
Dallas, TX