Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Drink and Draw DFW: Elevitate

hey youse guys! we got ourselves another drink and draw coming up. uhm. there is nothing new really to say here. cept we got strip comic expo thing coming up. if you are interested there should be tables still available. and also we got a drink and draw table there. so if you are not too sure or dont know what its all about. you should swing by and chill out. maybe test the waters with some onsite commisions or whatever you want to sell or show off. get your artwork out there. get seen. let everyone know that you are out there. so there is that.

the ft. worth drink and draw is a little wonky right now. on the account that halo and terry had a their first baby born this past week. so congrats to them! they are the ones pretty much heading up in dallas. but i will take over in the mean time. and will try to resume on our scheduled time. so keep an eye for that announcement. also. if anyone else wants to volunteer to draw poster. i am still accepting your donations.

this weeks poster was done by me. if ya dont know about me. i work at L-3 i do 3D modeling and texturing. for flight simulators. and do alot of photoshop compositing there. and i also do illustration and concept design on the side for freelance. i have done character design for flash animations and 3D animated shorts as well. dabbled in some graphic design in my early years. so i have done a little bit of everything when it comes to the digital commercial art aspect. well thats just a little history of me. i dont think i have ever. shared that here.
personal works.

professional stuff

anyways this is getting a little long. and its a little late here. so we;ll see ya on sunday.

OH!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way. for the first 6 drink and drawers that show up this sunday. you will get a free surprise gift! its a suprise and its made in china. so you know its good!!!!!

Sunday, July 24 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm

The Flying Saucer
14999 Montfort Dr
Dallas, TX

Drink and Draw DFW: Number 49

all right guys. lets see how many fingers we lost over the weekend. we is be having another drink and draw session this sunday. we will rock the crap out of this drink and draw. lets get out of the heat and enjoy some drawing and some drinking.

ok. this weeks poster is drawn by J Fernando Galicia. i think this guy might have raised the bar on our posters and we cannot let him be at the top for long. so whoever wants to volunteer a poster. draw one up leave some room for the information and date and stuff and submitt it to me via message. so we can have these things revealed as we go along.

you can check out fer's work here.

he does mighty good work. visit his page, support him, friend him.

ok. thats it for now...bye!