Sunday, September 13, 2009

drink and draw 12:el grito

sorry not posting the last meeting. i totally forgot about this one.

drink and draw is on facebook as a group that you can join and follow,

and on twitter aswell, and i do update more often than this. its just alot easier on the other ones.

anyways, we will be moving the drink and draw back to LEE HARVEYs,s i think it will be cool. and hopefully not too muggy.

if it.s still raining and storming, we will have it at the DANCING MARLIN, that place will be the place we fall back on, if the weather doesnt agree with us.

so mark your calendars, drink and draw returns to lee harvey;s on SEPT. 16. starting around 7:30 ish.

i do work a bit late so if you dont see anyone, just grab a table and start drinking and drawing!

7.30 PM

if raining or storming Dancing Marlin

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