Monday, August 2, 2010

Drink and Draw 28: hot august night

ok. more drink and draw coming our way.

i will try to get the table for the Dallas Webcomics Expo this week.
whoever wants to join in. should tell me by wednesday. so i know how many badges to order. (

i think that is the latest news so far.

also, i am wanting to push you guys to try to post your artwork on the drink and draw wall.

the O.G. drink and draw from l.a. is gonna be looking at artwork drawn from all the other chapters around the nation to drop into their book (next years most likely). its a great chance to get some exposure and get your name out there.
but the only way this is gonna happen is if you show up to the meetings and post your artwork on this wall for them peeps to see whats out there.
(i am not in charge of making the decisions on what goes in the book i am just a messenger.)

so there you have it. lets get to drawing!

some words of inspiration.
bacteria, black, rapids, flow, dragon, burnt, panic, edge

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