Monday, May 9, 2011

Drink and Draw 46: Cara a Cara Con el Diablo

All right Gents and Lady like beings. we got another session for the drink and draw! it is starting to heat up and we need to cool things down. so come chill with us and down some cold ones and do some scribbling. flex some creative muscle or just let loose and go with the flow.

i have announced this before but will emphasize here. the ABOSG's group has set up a sweet 10 dollar figure drawing sessions on tuesdays at Janimation near deep ellum for the next 7 weeks. they had a pretty good turn out and it was all practice. doing 5 minute quick sketches and so on. i highly recommend this for those that are having trouble with anatomy and for those who need to freshen up on your anatomy and gesture drawing skills and for those who just need to get some practice out of good habit. no matter what skill level you are you can always benefit from such sessions. i would like some drink and draw presence there. wickity wack! here is a link to the event info to get address and a little bit more info on it.

all right! now thats done with. this weeks poster was done by one who has not been with us physically but in spirit he lives inside everyone of us. and i aint talking about da jesus or allah or thor or what ever superhero you beleive in. i is talking about Terry Haller. dude donated his talented skills and time to bust out this poster for our little ol' drink and draw DFW group. terry runs the drink and draw chapter in milwaukee. so a tip of the hat to our bretheren up north. you can check out more work from him here.

again thanks for the time and effort for creating this fantastic poster widening our pallet of style and talent that represents drink and draw.

welp! this was the last poster i had in the works. so if anyone wants to volunteer to draw a poster for us. just shoot me a message.

i also want to give thanks to everyone that has supported us through the past couple of years. drink and draw DFW has been going strong for over 2 years now! thanks for support. THAS NICE!!!!!

signing out.
jose ramirez. (pardon the grammar i didnt proofread.)

Sunday, May 15 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm

The Fllying Saucer
14999 Montfort Dr
Dallas, Texas

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