Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dalla Independent Artist Community

thats a long name, some kind of school district. but yeah. these guys. are holding a picnic. be a cool place to meet other artist get some exposure and eat food. but its bring your own food, so pack your lunches and have some fun.

might pass by to leave some invites to drink and draw. which by the way is april 29th at lee harvey;s 7:30.

apparently the image is messed up. weird shit, there is text on it, but cant see it now. anyways. here is the info on it.

WHEN: April 18th
2 p.m.-whenever

WHERE: White Rock Lake next to the Bath House Cultural Center
521 East Lawther Dr.
Dallas 75214

Bring: Your own food, drinks, and outdoor entertainment (ex: yo-yo, a stick, some rubberbands)

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