Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Meeting.

yanni thought it was good. we had some people show up,.
we had kristian a comic book artist, illustrator. james the comic book store guy, and john 3d graphic arts guy, charlton the graphic dude, daniel the architect 3D man, aaron the game modeler, randall the art director and me, jose, the loser.

it was a chilled thing, we had some beers, some food, and shared some laughs, very easy going time.

i also found out why alot of you guys didnt show up. it was wednesday, and lost was on. ok. so tivo that shit all ready, and show up to the next one.

we decided, as a collective entity, that we will hold these bi-monthily or semi monthly, in other words, every 2 weeks. every other wednesday. same place same time.

unless we get some larger movement from another area of the metroplex.
so if you guys from the north come in numbers and have a suggestion of a place to meet up, we can tour the thing around the metroplex. like one week its here and another there, and so on.

for those of you who came, i will hold you in a very special spot in my heart.
thanks for the support.

next meeting. APRIL 29th. same place same time, at 7:30 pm

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