Sunday, June 6, 2010

Drink and Draw 24: Changes

let us drink and draw!!

ok. this is the first drink and draw of the summer.
so i want to make some changes. like the location and lets throw around some ideas for drink and draw. let us make this a productive drink and draw meeting.

so if you want to help mold drink and draw into something that you want this will be the time.

the main thing lets find another location for our meetings. i am pretty bored with big racks. and its not really such a cool environment. lets brainstorm and find some cool new places to have our meetings. i am also thinking we can change the location. every once in awhile to keep things fresh. for example. right now its pretty darn hot. so if someone knows of a cool ice cream parlor that has decent seating we can go to to we can hold meetings there.

another point i want to discuss. is sponsorship or fund raising. so we can bring in models for life drawing. i will have to research where we can get a model and how much they charge and a place for this to happen. (if anyone has info on would be much obliged.)

if anyone else has ideas of things to do. other activities. maybe one sunday we could have an early drink and draw session at a park or at the zoo. these are things i would like to do to make things fresh and more interesting.

as awlays thanks for the support. drink and draw has been going on for over a year now. thanks for everything making this possible. so lets start thinking of ideas to make this more interesting. this is for you and everyone interested in art.

again thanks for the support.

jose. ramirez.

this weeks poster is drawn andez gaston. one of the gaston twins. he is a talented concept artist and illustrator. he does freelance on the side while still serving in the military. he is based in japan as we speak. i give a big thanks to him and his brother for supporting our drink and draw program from such distance. check out some of their work here.


  1. Hey! Check out the post for last meeting's Art Jam here.

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