Monday, July 5, 2010

Drink and Draw 25: Cowboys & Aliens

we are moving to a fresh scene. we are gonna see what the flying saucer has to offer. i have personally never been there but lets find out shall we!! its the one near addisson. adison addison adisson...!

our poster was drawn by none other than dave sisk. a talented artist indeed!
thanks to him to his painterly pin up of our drink and draw cowgirl.

lets see if we can get a collabrotive comic strip going that night. we will start it early so we can get everyone involved. this is where someone starts a panel and the next person draws the next panel and telling a story of whatever the first person comes up with. should be pretty wild. CRAZY!!

words of enlightenment.

foo fighter, black oil, spill, humidity, summer, capacitive, warp drive, temporal, wisdom, backside

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